Missing Claudia Lawrence's parents want killer cabbie Christopher Halliwell quizzed over disappearance

The parents of chef Claudia Lawrence are to ask police to probe whether double killer Christopher Halliwell may be behind her disappearance. Mum Joan spoke of her shock after the ex-detective responsible for putting Halliwell behind bars for the murders of two women said he believed there may be a link. Joan, 72, said: “It’s com­p­letely out of the blue. If Halliwell could have anything to do with Claudia’s disappearance, the police should have looked at the links.” Claudia, 35, went missing on March 19, 2009 – exactly two years to the day before Halliwell’s second known victim, Sian O’Callaghan.

Thousands of Cedar Rapids residents ordered to evacuate ahead of 'historic' flooding 

Thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate from Cedar Rapids as forecasters warn of historic flooding in the area. Cedar Rapids City Manager Jeff Pomeranz said the city has been preparing to deal with a major flood since the 2008 flood, which caused billions of dollars in damage. Flood waters have already risen to swallow up streets, block roads and damage homes but city workers and volunteers have been working desperately for days to build a temporary system of levees to stop further destruction. Thousands of people have been ordered to evacuate from Cedar Rapids as forecasters warn of historic flooding

Terrifying moment gunman opens fire while student sends Snapchat video to her friends

This is the shocking moment a student was casually sending a Snapchat video to her pals – before shots were fired behind her. Kathryn Lawlor was using the app just as the sound of gunfire was heard in the background in this alarming footage. Shots were fired near the University of Illinois in the US in the early hours of this morning, with local reports saying the gunman remains at large. In the clip, Kathryn – who witnessed shots being fired – appears to be chatting normally into the camera before loud bangs are heard. Read More Kathryn Lawlor the